Zilkerbark's Dogs of Austin - The Book

Zilkerbark's Dogs of Austin - The Book

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This 9.5" x 9.5" hardcover photo book is a great addition to any coffee table! Photographer Alex Hopes of ZilkerBark features the many faces of Austin dogs, along with stories of pups he met on his charity event tour across the country.


1 | The Many Faces Of
A series of dogs who just cannot keep a straight face

2 | Made Up Dog Facts
Facts about dogs that are absolutely not true, maybe

3 | So Fetch
A chronicle of dogs and their love to fetch

4 | Head Tilts for World Peace
Dogs tilting their heads in the name of world peace (obviously)

5 | Down to Party Corgis
The not so secret love affair that corgi's have with partying.

6 | Derpy Dogs
Dogs, doing quality derps!

7 | Puppy Progress Photos
The progress of six different dogs, from puppy to adult

8 | Stories From Elsewhere
Stories of dogs from around the country, living very unique lives